R9 Crusader V2 Thai Pads

by Reevo
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The R9 Crusader is a brand new product from Reevo that features a curved design Thai pad. They feature all the features you have come to expect from Reevo, including EDT(Energy Dissipation Technology), 100% premium leather, and near perfect performance. What is new is this lightweight design and curved design allows for increased speed and precision in your training sessions.

  • EDT (Energy Dissipation Technology) takes the brunt of the blows so the trainer doesn’t have to
  • Made of Reevo’s 100% premium leather for superior durability
  • Forearm padding is ergonomically designed and made out of soft suede for the best comfort.
  • Bolted straps make these pads perfect for heavy duty training, while remaining lightweight for speed.
  • Available in Reevo’s new black and silver design. Check out our other brand new Reevo Products!

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