R9 Gauntlet V2 MMA Gloves

by Reevo
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The R9 Gauntlet is Reevo’s premium glove for mixed martial arts. The unique, brand new design allows for a comfortable fit while providing maximum striking power and protection. Constructed with Reevo’s pre-curved design, these gloves reduce hand stress and minimize injuries giving you one of the best experiences on the market.

  • Constructed of Reevo’s 100% premium leather for increased durability and performance
  • Pre-curved padding puts less strain on your hand when fighting
  • Mesh padding keeps the gloves light and breathable
  • Reevo’s custom designed foam forms to your hand to get a customized fit and protection
  • This sleek new design is available in a standard 4oz competition weight
  • Available in Reevo’s new black and silver design. Check out our other brand new Reevo Products!

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