R9 Greaves Shin and Instep

by Reevo
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honbu dojo R9 Greaves Shin and Instep  Free Shipping hombu dojo R9 Greaves Shin and Instep

Designed for MMA. The neoprene sleeve keeps the shins in place even when you go to ground, for seamless sparring and training.

R9 shin and in-step offers a secure comfortable fit with its unique contoured shin padding. Unlike other shin pads the Reevo R9 is shaped to your shin and is made with a left and right side for better fit. The upper leg will stay secure for your entire training session. Premium leather lasts longer than vinyl and will stand up to even the most powerful of kicks.

  • Unique R9 ergonomically contoured padding keeps pads firmly pressed on legs and stops any shifting during hits or grappling.
  • Open back reduces sweating, faster drying and makes for easy removal.
  • Right/Left specific pad provides better fit and coverage.
  • Highest quality beautifully grained premium leather.
  • Adjustable neoprene back strapping provides secure fit

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