R9 Valiant Thai Pads

by Reevo
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hombu dojo R9 Valiant Thai Pads  Free Shipping R9 Valiant Thai Pads

Perhaps the best Thai pads on the market. The unique curved upper surface allows for upper cuts to be added to your training routine. The padded straps are strong and will prevent slipping and or damage to your trainers arm. Your trainer will thank you.

  • Highest quality beautifully grained premium leather
  • EDT (Energy Dissipation Technology) takes the energy of the blows so trainer does not
  • Unique curved upper surface allows for practicing uppercuts
  • Forearm padding is ergonomically designed and made out a soft suede for ultimate comfort
  • Padded straps prevent slipping and offer increased control
  • Bolted straps are virtually indestructible, allowing for extreme training
  • Lighter than traditional pad which means a faster and more comfortable training session

Sold in pairs.

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